Office Open XML to Formex4 converter

class benker.converters.ooxml2formex4.Ooxml2Formex4Converter

Bases: benker.converters.base_converter.BaseConverter

Office Open XML to Formex4 converter


alias of


alias of benker.parsers.ooxml.OoxmlParser

benker.converters.ooxml2formex4.convert_ooxml2formex4(src_xml, dst_xml, **options)

Convert Office Open XML (OOXML) tables to Formex4 tables.

  • src_xml (str) –

    Source path of the XML file to convert.

    This must be an XML file, for instance, if you want to convert a Word document (.docx), you first need to unzip the .docx file, and then, run this function on the file word/document.xml. You can also use the styles_path option to parse and use the table styles defined in the file word/styles.xml.

  • dst_xml (str) – Destination path of the XML file to produce.

  • options – Extra conversion options. See convert_file() to have a list of all possible options.